Music by Thaddeus: Heavenly Choir and River of Love from Ascent to Heaven

For the first time this inner journey brings you the opportunity to create a fundamental form widely used in the construction of cities of light. Some general truths about forms made out of light may be helpful before looking at this particular form. All are an expression of shared love and of a shared vision. The love is open, accepting, and unconditional. The vision is shared but also varies in every heart, for the unique qualities that each contributor brings to that process of creation all add to its richness. The qualities that are shared include recognition that the whole is more than the sum of its parts, that what we create is welcoming and open to grow even more beautiful and that each creator seeks to act in alignment with Divine Will.

The dome has many functions. It is a place of welcome. It supports each who contributes to its creation and each who enters it in sustaining and developing higher frequency states of consciousness. It funnels in the light of Divine Will and makes it more accessible. It is a supportive environment in which to meet friends and teachers from higher dimensions, a place to share, learn and grow.

This particular dome draws upon the light to come, and in doing so it helps you embrace more fully the light that is beginning to enter human consciousness. It can be seen as part of a broader shift in how we experience time: a move into a larger now with more immediate access to both past and future. We might expect that within this dome it becomes easier to see the divine in what we have created and what we are in the process of creating; more of the past and the future are accepted into our now.