36: You Are a Creator

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Music by Thaddeus: on CL0362, Guardian Angels from Angels; on CL0364, Sacred Ceremony from Sacred Journeys


This session gives you an opportunity to use the skills you have been developing to observe the process by which you create with light. This process is natural, part of being alive, but we have tended to allow it to proceed without our consciousness awareness. You are developing that awareness so that you may become a more conscious creator of experience.

Within these journeys there is no expectation that you should link cause to effect, to track a particular flow, form or frequency pattern of light to some event in your life or in the world. The purpose behind these journeys is much more about opening up this space of creation to recognise and to observe something of its operations. We might say that you are giving yourself an opportunity to watch your own higher self at work.

As you develop these skills continue to hold back from attempting too much control; that desire tends to come from the personality self. Rather let that part of you that wants to steer or be in charge to observe what is beautiful in these inner spaces. Trust that beautiful experiences in these inner spaces give rise to beautiful experiences in the outer world.

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