24: The Spring and The Grove

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Music by Thaddeus: on CL0242, Healing Treatment from Becoming Your Soul; on CL0244, Surrendering from Initiation


Our friends in the familiar city of light express a wish to help us more directly. There is, after all, much that they can teach us. Predominantly, for a while anyway, they teach us through transmissions of light, holding spaces and guiding our awareness. More direct teaching of the kind we are familiar with, such as skills taught through verbal or visual information, may emerge out of our interactions with them.

This session is the beginning of that closer interaction. We are guided to specific spaces within the overall reality set we are calling a city of light. In both journeys the image and idea of the garden conveys important aspects of these places. The first journey takes you to a spring – of light or of water, depending on your perspective. You can use this light in many ways, which may include a sense of cleansing, releasing, dissolving or transmuting. The second journey takes you to a grove – a sacred space in nature, like a clearing amongst trees or an oasis. Here you may explore the connections you make with the world. Again this gives you a great deal of choice in exactly how you use what is offered here on any one visit.

There is a parallel with the previous session. To some extent we might consider these journeys as an interpretation of the particular qualities of light, richness and variety, that we were exploring. The spring manifests, amongst many other qualities, some of the characteristics Sananda drew your attention to in the richness of light, while the emphasis on connections within last session’s second journey is found again in this second journey.

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