20: Gifts from an Arcturian city of Light

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Music by Thaddeus: on CL0202, Spiritual Sun Lifting from The Spiritual Sun; on CL0204, Cellular Evolution from Becoming Your Soul


We return to an Arcturian city of light as the friends within this city help you to realise and embody more of your own divinity. Over the past several sessions you have been focusing upon some fundamental states of consciousness. Now you have an opportunity to sense yourself as a blending or weaving together of these and many other states of consciousness with the purpose of embodying the divine on Earth. Sananda refers to this blending as the Adam Kadmon body, a term drawn from the cabbalistic tradition and here used to describe to the energy field to which human consciousness aspires.

In the first inner journey the Arcturians help you to share their experience of the divine, bringing you gifts of light that you can build into your energy field.  Sananda introduces the gateway of heaven, a centre that governs the exchange of the human and the divine. It can be thought of as stepping down divine energies to frequencies compatible with human presence on Earth. It also acts as a threshold from which the divine may be witnessed and absorbed. In later sessions we will explore this and other centres within the head further. In the second journey the solar angels and devas help you to integrate the gifts you have received, releasing resistance and letting your energy field absorb them.

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