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Music by Thaddeus: on Track CL0122J – Illumination from The Spiritual Sun


In the closing journey of this volume you are guided to visit a city of light associated with the star Arcturus. Arcturus and the Arcturians of this city of light love to help; they are seen as galactic facilitators of spiritual evolution and so the choice of connecting with them is a natural one. You visit them both to receive their help and as an emissary of the city of light that you are helping to create.

As you explore the light of this city Sananda draws your attention to several different ways of engaging with it. Briefly these are: volume, engagement, oneness, richness of experience and Divine Presence.

Noticing size or volume of the inner space you find yourself in can open up awareness, though you may find that volume here is a more subtle quality than the physical volume of length, breadth and height. As you observe volume you begin to move into resonance with the light of the city.

Light has its own consciousness and so as you engage with it, it responds to you. With this increasing awareness of light itself, you may find a lessening of distinction between what is you and what is the light or, to put it another way, whether the light you are witnessing and interacting with is of you or other than you. Within the journey itself such considerations may be irrelevant; if they obtrude between you and your experience of these inner spaces, let the thoughts go.

As you open awareness and relax into the light of this city of light you may find a sense of oneness with these Arcturian friends arises easily. To assist this process Sananda guides you to a state he calls richness of experience, using an Arcturian understanding of time, which is much more akin to soul time than the familiar past, present and future time of our outer world. For the Arcturians all moments in a life are accessible and at any one time their focus is upon whichever the moment or moments might be where Divine Presence can be most fully experienced. Richness of experience is a state of recognising that, regardless of your personal evaluation, all moments of your life have richness. Recognising the richness of each moment becomes a doorway to finding the Divine Presence that is there.

Each of these strategies for engaging with the light of a city of light combine to deepen the experience of Divine Presence. As you move through this journey you are opening your energy field to hold more easily or more fully the frequency patterns that enable experience of Divine Presence in your life. 

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