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Could you love yourself more deeply? Could you let love from the Source of All get right down to your roots. Your roots are where you grow from. Your roots are where you come from. It doesn’t matter whether you believe you are descended from apes or angels or aliens. It really doesn’t matter at all. Soon or later you will love them all. And in loving them you will forgive them.

When you forgive your ancestors you are doing something of great importance. You are entering a time in which you can become free of the weight of your past. Currently humanity walks with a ball and chain. The ball is the burden of guilt you have inherited from your ancestors; the chain is your own guilt.

You are your own past. Whether you think of this as your past incarnations or the inherited past of your ancestors, the past is in you. You were there. In your roots are bitterness and pain. You didn’t do what you should have done. You did what you should not have done. These are the thoughts that lurk deep in the dark of your roots.

A plant whose roots are in pain cannot live long. It will wither and die. Your roots thirst. Their pain is love denied. When you let love flow right down to your roots you water them. You begin to grow again.
You have made a mistake. There is a confusion in the human mind. You have mistaken darkness for evil. Your roots live in the dark. They need darkness to thrive. But this darkness is the dark of mystery, not of harm. You come out of mystery into the light. As you emerge into light you reject the dark from which you came, seeing it as the opposite of all you desire. In truth they are the same: the darkness from which you come is a mystery, the light into which you go is a mystery.

Letting yourself love what you know of yourself and what you do not know of yourself heals the past. All your ancestors and antecedents, all earlier versions of yourself are freed. You are freed from repeating the past, freed to live in the present, free to live now.

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