Sananda Message 81: The Influence of the Sun on Consciousness

You come to Earth through the Sun. You as a being, as pure presence, pass through the Sun in order to gather the forms of light that grant you a physical presence here on Earth. These forms of light are of immense beauty. You yourself as a being have immense beauty. Your time on Earth …

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Sananda Message 80: Shapers of Light

You are the shapers of light. You take light and shape experience out of it. Collectively humanity is now seeking to create experiences that are increasingly joyful. A critical mass has been reached; enough of you believe that this is possible, for it to become an established guiding principle for human consciousness. Until comparatively recently, though many believed this, you were like isolated pools of water. Now those pools are uniting to form a lake: a resource that all of humanity can draw upon.

Sananda Message 79: Mother Sun, Father Earth

In most traditions here on Earth, the Earth has been seen as Mother. Your physical body is given to you by the Earth, just as the body you were born with was given you by your mother, so this makes very good sense.

But if we look at a different level, we might see something different. At this time the Earth has newly completed a cycle of activity and from the heart of the Earth comes a burst of light which is given to the Sun.

Sananda Message 76: Try Less

You are perfect already. Therefore understand that when you grow, it is because to grow is natural to you, not because there is error to correct or a fault to erase.

Learn to desist from judging yourself and others; keep practising, for it takes practice. Does this mean that the world turns to chaos without the force of condemnation? Emphatically no! For all healing comes from love and it is love that connects you all. When you judge, connection is broken.

Sananda Message 75: You and Your Guide – Part 2

Your guide experiences great joy in your company.

Your guide is not confined in physical space. She or he can be with you as a diffuse presence of love holding a vision of your joy or can coalesce into a presence with which you can relate and communicate. In the diffused state your guide can add light to your aura, just as you might water a flower. When you are receptive gifts are given, when not they are withheld. Watering a flower is not always helpful; you do not have to be receptive all the time.

Sananda Message 63: The Quest for Happiness

[mp3-jplayer tracks=”FEED:/freemeditations/sm2013/sm131205″] Happiness is born in the moment. You only ever find it in the now. Which does not mean that you cannot enjoy memories and anticipations, but find those too in this present moment, for that is where they can nurture you. When you are happy you are in the flow. Not happy? Something …

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