Sananda helps you to increase the flow of angelic love through your heart centre and receive more of their gifts.



An introduction from Sananda

Consider yourself a gift to the Earth. The nature of that gift is to be a conduit, an open door, though which love may flow to the earth plane, bringing healing and transformation.

How might that door open more? That which passes through you must first be accepted by you.

In this brief course we will transmit to you qualities of light that assist you in a deeper understanding of the nature of your being. That understanding does not readily translate into words, but it does exist as a relationship with the All That Is. It lets you stand in the presence of all that exists with an ease that welcomes the flow of love from the angelic realms into all that constitutes your reality.

This course may help you:

Increase self-acceptance and love, become more aware of the angels in your life.

Your download

Three talks and three inner journeys as mp3 files.


Using the Essences
Using the Essences

The essences are designed to be taken by mouth a few drops at a time up to four times a day. You can take them undiluted or mixed with a drink. They can be used in other ways too, such as added to a bath or applied to the skin. You can take more than one essence at a time. However you may find that more than three essences used together at the same time can feel a little too ‘busy’.

You will probably find that you gain the greatest benefit from taking the essences for several days at least, and perhaps for three weeks or so. Part of the work of the essence is to strengthen the link you have with the souls of the stars so that they may gently assist you in dissolving energy forms that overlay or obscure the qualities they are helping you develop within yourself.

Taking the essences before going to sleep can be one helpful way of working with the stars. As you do so, you connect with whichever star or stars you have selected and that assists the star souls to connect with you in the sleep state, when you may be especially receptive.


How can I choose the right essences for me?

There are several ways. You may like simply to go with your intuition or inner guidance. You may like to tune into the energy of the star through its photograph. You may like to use the Key Qualities, selecting those qualities you wish to develop at this time.

You can also use our Choosing Your Essences guide.

How are the essences made?

Christopher works with many highly evolved beings from other star systems and with the souls of the stars themselves to channel their spiritual light. Their light is channelled into a blend of mineral water distilled to ensure purity and 20% alcohol in the form of organic brandy to act as a preservative. When Christopher makes the essences he goes into meditation holding a quantity of this liquid in a sealed glass jar and then channels the energy, generally through the heart and third eye centres and through the hands. Connecting with the stars and creating these essences is a very joyful experience. 



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