Share in the creation of a city of light, an environment of light and a state of consciousness in which all may live in peace and joy, through the teachings of Sananda channelled by Christopher Sell.

The group is devoted to establishing a city of light on the earth plane. A city of light is seen as a way of configuring our light together as a group consciousness to allow Divine Presence to become manifest on Earth. As we develop a city of light, so we also evolve our consciousness to expanded states of being, moving in harmony with one another to fuller expression of our love and light, and to greater creativity and oneness. The group will develop skills which help us all individually and collectively to live in ways that are increasingly joyful and fulfilling.

Sananda is a beautiful and powerful presence of light, one of the beings often called Ascended Masters, whose light and love I have been channelling for over fifteen years.

Amongst the skills Sananda is teaching initially are:

  • Experiencing yourself as beautiful presence
  • Forming arrays of light
  • Being shared mind
  • Converging with other dimensions
  • Developing and using the planetary gridwork of light
  • Downloading the templates of highest future held within the new light
  • Visiting other cities of light
  • Welcoming Divine Presence.

It is the purpose of Sananda in teaching these skills that each participant is helped to experience greater harmony, inner peace and ease of being, to grow in consciousness and to express more and more fully, beautifully and creatively the light and love that is our essence.

We will be connecting with many others, including:

  • Angels and devas
  • Guides and masters, groups of tutelary beings who look after locations
  • The planetary hierarchy
  • The souls of the stars
  • The incoming souls of future generations.

Who is the group for?

The City of Light group may be for you if you wish

  • to grow spiritually by developing your inner light in joyful ways
  • to use your light to manifest your highest potential
  • to join like-minded souls in helping to manifest humanity’s highest future
  • to align yourself more fully with Divine Will
  • to understand more of the oneness of all life
  • to explore the light behind the outward forms of our world
  • to grow closer to our sisters and brothers across the Galaxy
  • to contribute to the creation of a city of light on Earth

If you would like to use your inner light to create a world of harmony and peace, of joy and abundance, of creativity and sharing, learning skills that enhance your own life as you do so, then this group welcomes you.

Where and when does the group meet?

This group  meets as a monthly webinar of live inner journeys and talks, hosted by Jackie Sievey of Webinars of Light, on the first Sunday of each month from 9.00 am to 10.00 am (UK time). New members will be welcome at any time. All our inner journeys will be posted online so that, if you are unable to join a particular meeting, you can listen to them later and you will also be able download them to use whenever you wish. You may also liker to attend the annual City of Light Summer School in August.

What is the membership fee for this group?

There is a monthly subscription of £5.  You can join for one month only at a special introductory rate of £2.50. And you can also sign up for free membership, which will enable you to listen to three inner journeys designed to give you a flavour of our work.

What happens once I join?

You will receive an email welcoming you to the group with your username and password which will give you access to the members’ area. If you become a subscribing member (Monthly or Full), then before each meeting you will receive your personal link to join the webinar live or you can visit the group page and listen to or download our session whenever suits you.