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Cities of the Inner Earth - a day with Sananda

There have long been legends of hidden cities within the Earth. Do they really exist? This day gives you an opportunity to reach across dimensions, to touch what could be thought of as a parallel reality. This other reality is converging with our own; or perhaps it is that we are opening up to discover that reality is broader and more diverse than we knew. Multiple realities can co-exist and we can travel between them.

Today Sananda will guide you on inner journeys to connect with a group of wise and loving beings who have been holding a vision peace and plenty for humanity until we can once more share the same reality. 

An underlying purpose for today is to help you bring together into oneness aspects of your own consciousness that may have been previously scattered or to some degree separated. You may also find that as you connect into that vision of peace and plenty, and draw upon it to sustain and develop your own vision, you more easily manifest a joyful and fulfilling future.

Where and when:

Ely, Cambridgeshire / Saturday 31 January 2009, 10 am to 5.30 pm

You can join this course in person or at a distance. All participants will receive recordings of the talks and meditations on CD with additional notes. To find out more about participating at a distance click here.

How much:

60 (deposit of 30) for the day’s tuition, including meditation CDs and notes.

To book:

You can book online or you can phone, write or email (details here).

Please note that 15 of your deposit is non-refundable, unless a course is already full, or cancelled for any reason, in which case you will receive a complete refund.


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