Courses and Essences

Here you can find all the courses and products we currently offer. Click on any image or title to find out more and then click on any tag to bring together related products.

Introductory Courses

Some of the audio courses here consist of a single inner journey. Others consist of several journeys accompanied by study notes. All are channelled from Sananda and all introduce you to a particular aspect of spiritual growth, or to a beautiful being or group of beings who offer their love and their light help to help humanity.  Some of these courses are free, others offered for a donation of your choice. The latter have a suggested price, which you can use to gauge what feels appropriate for you.


Intermediate Courses

Each of these courses offers a set of skills which Sananda teaches through a series of inner journeys. Many of the courses also have introductory talks; all are accompanied by notes to help you as you study these skills.

Heaven on Earth Starlight Essences