Evolving Your Heart Centre 1: Dancing Light

An Introduction from Sananda

The human heart centre is evolving quite rapidly at this time. If you feel drawn to these inner journeys it may be that you have been feeling changes in your heart centre, such as longing to live in a different way, or to be more true to your own heart, or simply a desire to contribute to a world in which love finds fuller expression.

Each of these inner journeys is designed to introduce you to an aspect of your heart centre that may be new to you or may feel unfamiliar. As you journey into your own heart you discover not only the richness of your own unique qualities but the richness of the human heart in general – the heart centre you all share. This shared heart centre is one of the principal ways in which humanity now moves forward into a time of abundant peace and harmony. You are contributing to this evolution of the human heart by your presence here on Earth, by your willingness to grow and by your acknowledgement of the love you are.

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This inner journey introduces a particular aspect of the heart centre and helps you explore it. The journey can be a great one to listen to with a group as well as by yourself. You may like to use it to find inner peace and joy, and to open a space for guidance and help.

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