Cities of Light x


Explore the next level of human consciousness as you visit Galactic cities of light.

Sun Over Clouds

You are welcome to join us for this Arcturian Day featuring the teachings of Omani.  It is being held in central London on Saturday 5th October from 10 am to 4.30 pm. Our inner journeys and talks will be recorded and available for all participants online afterwards.

Omani will guide you to an Arcturian city of light to immerse yourself in its vibrant light, so that you may discover within yourself those seeds of light from which humanity is in the process of germinating our next level of existence. Within us all is the potential to create a world of immense beauty and grace.

You will connect with a Galactic gridwork of cities of light, tapping into powerfully transformative streams of light moving into our world. In this way Omani will help you unfurling more of your inner light, in harmony with with the higher plan for humanity.

You will meet beings from cities of light here on Earth and in the Sirius star system to learn how you may meet the light of the future and enlist its help in the present, so that you may more easily create experiences of profound fulfilment and joy.

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The Practical Details:

These Days are being held in central London at a private address in Brunswick Gardens, W8. The nearest tube station is Notting Hill Gate. (Use the Forthcoming Events section on the right to view a map.) Each of these days is £65 (or £45 for the low-paid or unemployed). A deposit of £25 will secure your place. 

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